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Name? Samuel Holmes
Born? San Jose , CA 10/28/1977
Residence? San Jose , CA 1977-1982
Residence? Hollister , CA 1983-1989
Residence? Phoenix , AZ 1990-Present
Education? The Art Institute of Phoenix , AAS Degree Computer Animation 1996-1998

Occupation? Multimedia Artist, AOP Publications 1996-2001
Occupation? Lighting Director, AOP Publications 2002-2003
Occupation? Freelance Artist 2004-2005
Hobbies? I like to do drawings
Favorite Fast Food? In-n-Out Burgers
Favorite Music? All but country
Favorite Animated TV show? Duck Tales
Favorite Animated movie? The Incredibles, Spirited Away
Favorite Foreign Film? Cinema Paradiso
Favorite Toy? Jet Fire Generation 1 Transformer
Favorite Video Game? Street Fighter Alpha III
Favorite Car? 1968 Chevy C-10

Caricature of me by Robert Islas

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